Our Services

HCN is focussed in national alliance of patriotic, visionary, peace-seeking Nigerians, including religious, academic, political, civic, traditional leaders and other organizations working together to promote peace and harmony, guided by a vision of one unified nation.

How we Operate

Harmony Corps of Nigeria security officers are assigned to duties in pairs/groups for proper security operations and safeguarding. We run shift (day and night) to avoid fatigue and maintain strict alertness
We conduct our security work team on visiting rounds at intervals within 24hrs daily.

Since security is everybody’s business, every member of staff is directly or indirectly involved in the activities of our esteemed Corporation.
Our staff level of courtesy is excellent.
Harmony Corps of Nigeria provides a unique development in every aspect of security services and management.
Our Coordinators, rank and file are committed, dedicated and dependable.

Our Training Programmes

Training of security personnel is given priority at Harmony Corps of Nigeria private training school is headed by a retired military personnel’s and is supported by other instructors with Para-military and security backgrounds.
These personnel impact the needed practical lessons to enable the trainee guards to combat any form of threat.


To identify a problem or situation ahead, we operate special surveillance service networks that enables us read into the security psychology of our assigned area and even beyond. This unit is made up of credible and experienced personnel with special skills to uncover any form of threat. The aim of this structure is to ensure a solution solving mechanism that is timely and appropriate.
A full spectrum of scenarios needs to be prepared for, irrespective of the chances of occurrence to ensure maximum preparedness.

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